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Hi! Welcome to EzeNet! We upload stuff like scripting in Notepad! Almost all was researched or downloaded. We do not own any of these. Here, you can download our notepad stuff and some other programs. Have a nice day and enjoy our website! Check out the blog! Oh, and here's an example of what we do down below.


How to Change the icon of a program into your own picture

Ever wondered how they change the icon of their programs? Well, here it is! For this you need, the program, the icon you want (png.). First, go to ConvertICO.com, import the photo you want to convert, or just put the link. Then download it and save it. Second, you need to get the program you want to use.You may need to create a shortcut. Then right click the program and click "Properties". Find the "Change Icon" then click browse and then pick the icon you created and then click apply, then OK.

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