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Control VR is a next-generation wearable technology that turns your hands into the ultimate intuitive controller for PCs, VR and beyond. It tracks motions of the fingers, putting it inside the game. 

The PrioVR, like the ControlVR, brings movement of the hands to games. However, the PrioVR brings whole body movement. The PrioVR Lite is an upper-body only suit, which only detects the upper body. The PrioVR Core however, brings upper and lower body tracking. The PrioVR Pro, brings more movement that the PrioVR Core. It tracks the feet, shoulders, and hips.

"With a major Apple event reportedly scheduled for Tuesday, September 9, there's a pretty good chance that iOS 8 will be on the company's servers on Wednesday, September 10," Courtesy of Techradar

Release Date: Rumors say to be released on 2015.